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"We Need a Hero" Power Rangers Fanfiction Awards
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Power Rangers fanfiction awards
Welcome to pr_heroes! We're rosabelle and lunaria_kitty. Cross your fingers and hope that we don't break the shiny new comm.

If you're unfamiliar with the basic idea of fanfiction awards, you guys nominate your favorite stories and then vote for them. Separate posts with the rules and categories will be up soon; in the meantime, ask all your questions here.

At the moment, the deadline for nominations is set for February 15. Voting will be until February 29, and we hope to have the winners up soon after that.

General Categories:
Best Mighty Morphin Story
Best Zeo Story
Best Turbo Story
Best Space Story
Best Lost Galaxy Story
Best Lightspeed Rescue Story
Best Time Force Story
Best Wild Force Story
Best Ninja Storm Story
Best Dino Thunder Story
Best SPD Story
Best Mystic Force Story
Best Operation Overdrive Story

Additional Categories
Best Short Story
Best Incomplete Story
Best Long Form Chapter Story
Best Short Form Chapter Story
Best Alternate Universe Story
Best Crossover Story
Best Original Character Story
Best Power Ranger/Original Character Couple
Best Ranger Couple
Best Portrayal of Friendship
Best Portrayal of a Power Ranger
Best Author
Best Romance
Best Adult Romance
Best Humor
Best Angst
Best Reviewer

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Yes, we allow slash. Nominate away! :)

2. Please don't nominate yourself.

3. When nominating, please include the following details: The title and rating of the story; the author's name and a way to contact them; your name and a way to contact you; the category that you are nominating the story under; and a working link to the actual story. The link is important.

4. If nominating a romance or friendship story, please list the characters or pairings (or threesome). If there are several romantic relationships, pick the main one or two.

5. If nominating a story archived on LiveJournal, please don't nominate anything not posted publicly.

6. Anything goes in terms of ratings. We've made an "Adult Romance" category for stories archived on sites that have a minimum age requirement (ie AdultFanFiction.net), not because we don't like sex but because we might not all be 18.

7. You don't need a LiveJournal in order to participate. We've set the community to accept anon comments.

8. As we're the ones running the awards, we (lunaria_kitty/Challon86 and rosabelle/Phantom Rogue) cannot be nominated for awards.

If you object to any of these rules or would like clarification, post here

Have fun!